The Benefits of Yoga During Addiction Recovery

Addiction of any sort is not healthy, whether it is of some drug or some activity, the end results are atrocious. Addiction has found to have severe effects on a person’s social, spiritual, mental and social health. People who have succumbed to addiction of any sort are made to learn about handling themselves and dealing in healthy ways. Rehabilitation centers provide extensive training sessions for addicted people to help them get through with the process. Remedy or therapies for overcoming addiction include one-on-one sessions, group talks, focus groups, exercises and yoga. These ways have proven to work and especially practicing yoga for that matter has tremendously great results during the addiction recovery. The healing process is sped up by practicing yoga and it’s a natural mood enhancer.  For a person seeking recovery from addiction, most rehab centers use yoga practices as it has proven to be a great benefit to the recovery process. Key benefits of yoga during an addiction recovery program include:

Yoga teaches how to cope with the situations and circumstances that stifle you. Yoga is not just a physical activity, but it requires your mental presence as well. Its mental aspects teach us how to emotionally cope up with life and its ups and downs. Stressful life is usually what leads any person into the dismay. The abyss of addiction can be removed through regular yoga practice, which teaches you how to control yourself. The controlled breathing exercise is an indirect stimulus of controlling your emotions and feelings.

It is very common to have sudden cravings for drugs or anything that you have become addicted to. Yoga enables self-control and empowerment which lets you concentrate on your conscious and your mental state without getting driven away with the cravings. Cravings and addiction are a result of stressful moments. Yoga calms you down and makes you realize your worth in comparison to your cravings. The mental conflict and your bodily urges to seek out their differences only under the effect of yoga.

The immunity of any person who is battling addiction is automatically weakened. Yoga is helpful under such conditions as the calming effect of yoga helps your body to relax and feel better naturally without any injection or medication. Medications often have adverse effects during the recovery process so it is highly recommended that one goes after yoga rather than some unnatural cure.

It is often said that yoga has spiritual effects and guides you more towards the light and spiritual side of life. Prayer and meditation can be included in yoga at times.Spending more time on these things means more time diverted from cravings and triggers. Sequoia Recovery offers our clients the chance to incorporate yoga into their addiction recovery programs, should they choose to do so. Call or email one of our experienced intake coordinators today to learn more about the wide variety of positive coping mechanisms we offer.

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