Sequoia Recovery provides executives the unique ability to enter into a recovery program while still being able to participate in your work duties and interact with your clients, even during your treatment in the facility. Addiction is a disease of equal opportunity that can strike people from all walks of life. Drug addicts and Alcoholics can be found across the socioeconomic spectrum. Sequoia Recovery recognizes that some of its clients are CEO’s or celebrity personalities that need to keep up with their busy day-to-day working lives so they designed this program to cater to clients like you who work under a high level of pressure.

Demanding careers, family conflicts, occupational stress, the need to uphold a professional identity at any costs can be depriving and lead to substance abuse as well as physical and mental damage. This program ensures complete security and discretion for clients like you with a high profile in a safe and confidential environment. In addition to the unmatched level of comfort and professionalism of the executive drug and alcohol rehab program, you will receive the best possible treatment from our expert staff.

Often times people like you who are successful and busy might feel like you can’t take the time off to to get the treatment you need because of fear that your work might suffer, causing you to lose money or even the business or your job. Hesitation might also come from fear of rehab affecting your reputation among colleagues, clients and employers. Sequoia Recovery offers a private space that addresses the substance abuse and offers treatment while being able to maintain your business reputation.


How is an executive treatment center different from a luxury facility?

Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

Luxury rehabs have a high staff to patient ratio which allows each patient to receive individualized attention and care. This personalized treatment is highly beneficial in the recovery progress. Additionally, the environments of luxury facilities are very comfortable, if comfort is important to you- you might find this type of treatment to be the most effective.

Executive Addiction Treatment Centers

Similar to luxury treatment facilities, executive rehabs have more staff members per patient which helps maximize the recovery process. Since confidentiality is very important to you as a working professional, executive centers provide only one on one treatments rather than group counseling.

Is an executive drug and alcohol treatment program right for me?

Living in the grip of addiction can make you feel hopeless, executive rehab programs are specially designed to meet the needs of executives and CEOs. If you are a working professional that needs therapy to recovery from substance abuse while creating minimal impact on your professional and personal life then an executive drug treatment might be your best option.

What to expect while at an executive drug treatment facility?

In Sequoia Recovery you can expect a wide range of upscale settings and services. We assure that you will have the privacy and confidentiality you require to overcome your substance abuse. The only people who will know you’re receiving treatment is you, your doctors and whoever else you decide to disclose the information to.

Sequoia Recovery provides business amenities in its executive drug and alcohol program. The center will have workspaces, meeting rooms, access to phones and internet. These features will help you maintain your business while working through the treatment program. You can be sure to enjoy your stay during recovery with high end services such as spa treatments, yoga and spa centers, physical trainers, professional chefs and large comfortable r ooms. This program has fewer patients so that you have a more personalized care to get you through the treatment with ease.

How is Sequoia Recovery’s executive drug treatment program different

At Sequoia Recovery we pride ourselves in creating an environment that accommodates to inspire health and restoration. Our highly trained and educated staff members are sympathetic and understanding of the hardships of addiction and they are on sight 24/7 to help you in any and all ways possible.

Our Executive Drug Treatment is tailored so that you can maintain involvement in your workplace while receiving the best possible treatment individualized just for you.If you’re still unsure of your decisions or want further details about the Executive Program contact one of our experts today so we can help you find the right executive drug rehab facility in the the Sequoia Recovery Network that will meet your needs so that you can begin your recovery.

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