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Addiction Treatment in East Brunswick

East Brunswick is strategically located in Central New Jersey, many of its residents find it to be the perfect place to live and commute to both New York City and Philadelphia. Its 22.5 square miles is home to a diverse population of 48,630 per the 2016 census. The suburban community is part of the New York City metropolitan area and is located on the southern shore of the Raritan River. According to Partnership For A Drug-Free New Jersey (PFDNJ) a 2017 study shows that “drug overdose in the state is three times the national average.

In East Brunswick New Jersey, the fallout of the opioid epidemic is grim. According to preliminary data reported by NJ Advance Media, “deaths from drug overdoses likely topped 2,000 in 2016; killing more people than guns, car accidents and suicides combine.” The 2016 death toll from drug overdose is the “highest ever recorded in New Jersey, spurred by the continued growth of the opioid epidemic.” Opioid overdose deaths from prescription pain medicine, fentanyl, and heroin are a driving force behind these rising statistics.

National and local efforts to curb this major public health problem recognize that public education campaigns are needed to alert citizens in all walks of life to the problem and arm them with information that will allow them to recognize when they and their loved ones are at risk and how they should act. Once a year the state of New Jersey holds a statewide prescription take-back event with the help of local law enforcement agencies. The one-day event allows residents to drop off any unneeded, unused or expired medications for safe disposal. The event is free of charge and drop-offs will be strictly anonymous, no questions asked. If you are interested in participating the one-day event you can contact the New Jersey Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 to get details on a site near you. Using the same number you can ask about permanent RX drop-off boxes that are located in many New Jersey communities. In January 2016 East Brunswick Police Department launched its Opiate Outreach Initiative so that when addicts come to the attention of the police department, an officer calls them and encourages them to seek treatment.


  • 39% of Brunswick residents consume alcohol
  • 4% of Brunswick residents use Cocaine/Crack
  • 39% of Brunswick residents use Heroin
  • 4% of Brunswick residents use other types of opiates
  • 11% of Brunswick residents use some form of marijuana
  • 5% of Brunswick resident use some type of other substance
  • 98% of reported drug users in Brunswick are 18 and over

Treatment options offered by our detox and addiction treatment centers near East Brunswick:

Clinically managed Detox: Medical Detoxification is a process that allows you to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol slowly with a healthcare professional instead of stopping cold turkey. Medical detoxes often prevent addicts from returning to their unhealthy habits, making the process an important part of a long-lasting recovery.

Residential Addiction Program: The residential programs are designed for clients to live at a center full-time. This gives patients the opportunity to focus their attention on recovery while reaping the benefits of intensive therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program: This program known as IOP is most recommended to patients who have successfully gone through detox but still need to continue their recovery process on a part-time yet intensive schedule designed to accommodate work and family-life.

Outpatient treatment program: An outpatient program allows you to live at home and remain in control of your life. You can still attend work or get a job while your rebuild your personal life with the help and support you’ll receive from the program.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment: This type of program treats people who suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, bipolar disorder while getting treated for addiction.


Additional Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

Here is a link to current programs that the city of Brunswick offers to its community to help prevent and educate its young and elder community members about the struggles of drug and alcohol abuse:

Here is a list of recovery centers and support groups that the state of New Jersey currently has:

Drug and alcohol addiction is at a rise in the city of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Due to this reason, the city of East Brunswick has a variety of rehabilitation centers that aim to make the city a drug free and alcohol addiction free place for its community.

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