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Bridgewater is a township in Somerset County, New Jersey. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township population was 44,464. The Bridgewater community is made up of 62.9% White residents, 2.9% African American residents, 22.7 Asian residents and 9.9% Hispanic. The crime rate is significantly low in Bridgwater (1 in 106) compared to the state rate of (1 in 65).

Bridgwater like many other New Jersey towns has not been able to escape the opioid crisis. However, Somerset County is taking a big step in trying to control and decrease substance abuse. In late 2017 Somerset County was the first in the United States to launch an APP for reporting crimes, including opioid abuse. The Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office is the first law enforcement agency in the U.S to use the fast, easy and anonymous STOPit app. The app allows users to have a real-time, two-way anonymous dialogue with law enforcement. Users can send images, text, and video directly to an officer for incidents such as violence, weapons, and alcohol or drug issues.

Here are some statistics reported by the Community Health Assessment in 2016 on substance abuse in Bridgewater:

  • 40% of Bridgewater residents reported being alcoholics.
  • 1% of Bridgewater residents reported using crack/cocaine.
  • 34% of Bridgewater residents reported using Heroin.
  • 7% of Bridgewater residents reported using some other type of opiates.
  • 11% of Bridgewater residents reported using marijuana/hashish.
  • 5% of Bridgewater residents reported using other types of drugs.
  • 100% of alcoholics in Bridgewater are 18 and over.
  • 99% of drug users in Bridgewater are 18 and over.
  • 32% of alcohol users in Bridgewater are female.
  • 68% of alcohol users in Bridgewater are male.
  • 43% of heroin users in Bridgewater are female.
  • 57% of heroin users in Bridgewater are male.
  • 26% of marijuana/hashish users in Bridgewater are female.
  • 74% of marijuana/hashish users in Bridgewater are male.

Treatment options offered by our detox and addiction treatment centers near Bridgewater

Clinically managed Detox: Medical Detoxification is a process that allows you to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol slowly with a healthcare professional instead of stopping cold turkey. Medical detoxes often prevent addicts from returning to their unhealthy habits, making the process an important part of a long-lasting recovery.

Residential Addiction Program: The residential programs are designed for clients to live at a center full-time. This gives patients the opportunity to focus their attention on recovery while reaping the benefits of intensive therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program: This program known as IOP is most recommended to patients who have successfully gone through detox but still need to continue their recovery process on a part-time yet intensive schedule designed to accommodate work and family life.

Outpatient treatment program: An outpatient program allows you to live at home and remain in control of your life. You can still attend work or get a job while your rebuild your personal life with the help and support you’ll receive from the program.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment: This type of program treats people who suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, bipolar disorder while getting treated for addiction.


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