Help an Adderall Addict Today

Addiction of any form is a very unpleasant experience. It takes its toll on the addict as well as the people around them. It is quite important that one understands what an addiction actually is and realize the symptoms that point towards it early on and try to help the person with an addiction, as the person him/herself would be highly unlikely be able to do it themselves.

Adderall is a medication, usually given to people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Narcolepsy. Medicinal use of the drug is beneficial when it treats hyperactivity and impulse control in such patients. However, there is always a danger a person may go beyond medication and crossover to addiction. In such a case it is the family and friends around the person who needs to step up and intervene as best they can.

Be a friend

When someone is an addict it is very difficult to even realize what one is doing and remain in denial. It is the responsibility of friends and family to patiently wait for the person to approach them him/herself. Forcing someone to quit has never been seen to produce the desired results. This is because the addiction changes the person’s behavioral patterns and withdrawal can be challenging. They are ways of helping and supporting your friend without force or coercion.

First and foremost, the family and friends need to cease being enablers and set boundaries for their loved one. This includes realizing the person has an addiction and stop being in denial, therefore, in so doing should stop making excuses for such behavior. They should also not encourage such behavior to go on by lending money for such purchases.

It is also advised that friends and family should talk to professional psychologists and psychiatrists to better learn how to handle the problem. Support groups further the cause towards cure.

Self-help – a possibility?

If the person wants to control the addiction him/herself, it is possible but very difficult. A complete end of the drug usage may be impossible, so a more steady approach of decreasing the dosage would be the best way to go. A professional doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist can help the person in need and give unbiased opinions, withholding judgment; something that the addict may very well need. By steadily decreasing intake, the effects of withdrawal would not be too harsh and with professional help, it would definitely do the trick.

The help on offer

There are plenty of avenues an addict and his/her family can seek help from. Although dependent on several factors, like the level of addiction and the addict’s temperament there are several professionals that facilitate such persons.

The key is to first accept and then trust someone with their problem. Simply talking can prove to be vastly helpful.

Trusted help is the best solution in this case:

  1. A doctor – it can be a physician or an MD who may steadily reduce the prescription of Adderall
  2. A clinical psychologist or psychiatrist– these are trained professionals who are equipped to get the needed help swiftly
  3. A detox center – such places have everything needed for addicts to get over their addiction professionally including support groups and services of doctors.

Addiction is unpleasant but the addict must never be shunned. Rather, with loving care, the addict can very well get over the problem and thenceforth lead a normal life. It is the responsibility of those around the addict to prove to be the support system needed at such a crucial time. There is always help available if sought out in a timely fashion. Contact Sequoia Recovery today and one of our helpful intake coordinators will make sure that your friend or loved one gets all of the help that he or she needs.

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