The Benefits of Family Support During Addiction Treatment

By Sequoia Recovery / March 2, 2016

Drug and substance misuse can be very stressful and disturbing not only for the addict but also for his family. During the therapy process, a family can play the crucial role in the treatment of the patient. Family support can act as a catalyst to speed up the recovery process. Most of the time, families…

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Drug Addiction Treatment

By Sequoia Recovery / February 17, 2016

Is your friend or relative addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you really want him or her to leave addiction behind and live a healthy, fulfilling life? People get involved with drug addiction for many different reasons. Some try drugs first in curiosity, to enjoy life, or only because their friends are trying them. Some…

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

By Sequoia Recovery / February 12, 2016

What are Co-occurring Disorders? Co-occurring disorders occur in clients who have mental health disorders along with substance use disorders. Such clients are given a dual diagnosis treatment to counter the effects and symptoms of both disorders collectively. The client suffering from OCD may also have an alcohol or drug abuse history; therefore, it is essential…

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