Benefits of 12 Step Program

When you find someone close to you falling into an alcohol or drug addiction, all you want is for them to recover – you don’t care how. All you worry about is their rejuvenation. You are willing to take any step because it’s hard to watch someone breaking into a million pieces in front of your eyes.

And the good news is that there is a very reliable solution which the rehab centers offer for the distressed ones – it’s a 12 step program. These treatment programs are effective and trenchant. Almost every city in the world has been provided with this advantage. Hundreds of people recover by pursuing the program. This program was adopted by the Alcoholics Anonymous in 1938, for the very first time. And then, different groups aided themselves through the same guideline. For someone who’s actually willing to retrieve, joining a group which includes 12 step program would be a great option.

The program is completely free, you won’t be charged for it. And honestly speaking, what can be better than this? The 12 step program helps one to recover from any kind of addiction – drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating and others.  

      The scheme of the 12-step program is as below:-

Step 1:  Admit impotency and surrender yourself completely.

Step 2:  Have faith in the Almighty.

Step 3:  Present yourself entirely in front of God.

Step 4:  Moral inventory.

Step 5:  Admit your mistakes or sins to God.

Step 6:  Cast away the flaws in character.

Step 7:  Turn to God for His mercy.

Step 8:  Make a list of those who have been treated with injustice/are victimized.

Step 9:  Support these people and conduct some changes in them.

Step 10:  Bevel and polish the character.

Step 11:  Pray to the Almighty.

Step 12: Use your experience and try to help other people around you.


This program gives one an opportunity to meet people who are going through the same thing. And this actually has a positive effect on one’s mind. When you interact and talk to people who have the same issues as you do, you seem to connect with them and you don’t feel so alone in this journey of rehabilitation. The 12 step program gives you a chance to adopt a spiritual path to your best addiction-free days. And when you meet people who are sailing in the same boat as you are, there are almost zero chances of being judged. Everyone can understand that you’re going through a hard time and they try their best to back you up. You can stop being afraid- which is very important for someone who is trying to accept their mistakes and make changes in their character. These programs are conducted by a drug counselor and this increases the possibility of one’s recovery. You can look at other people, get to know their matters and feel encouraged by knowing how they’re dealing with their problems but are still willing to walk on the path to recovery and true happiness.

So if you’re inclined to get rid of your bad habits or addictions, you should take a chance and go for the 12 step program. It has helped many people. And hopefully, it will remodel your life, gently pulling you out of your miserable days. Sequoia Recovery incorporates 12 step programming into all of our addiction recovery options. Call or email us today to speak with an intake coordinator who can answer all of your questions and help get you on the right path to sobriety and a bright future.

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